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To Make The Best Better

4-H a youth organization whose motto is To Make The Best Better, this week is our county fair, a time when strapping young men and fresh faced young ladies show up at the local fair grounds bright eyed and bushy tailed to show off their years long work and learning. This is an occurrence that will […]

2018 Wheat Test Plot Tour

We know that a farmer always wants the best wheat crop they can possibly get and we strive to help farmers achieve the maximum yield efficiently.  The low wheat prices demand a higher yielding crop that can with stand the drought we have had in our area.   On May 24th BZ Bee Inc. hosted a […]

Never too early to start planning

With winter quickly approaching you are probably looking for ways to stay in out of the cold. There is never a better time to get your planter pulled in the shop and checked over. Many parts on your planter get worn out from year to year. Proper planter maintenance can make the difference at harvest […]

The Corner Post

When you begin to build a house, the first thing you make sure of is that you start with a strong foundation. The first stone you lay in that foundation is the cornerstone. It is the beginning point of the task at hand and must be level and square, because all of the other stones […]

Importance of Fall Weed Control

Fall harvest is coming to an end and like every year, there were challenges in 2013. Glyphosate resistant and other weed escapes are not new and continue to spread in scope, requiring a change in the way we address these issues. Downy brome (cheat) is one of the toughest weeds to control in winter wheat […]

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Now that harvest is over and we are welcoming August with cool temperatures and moisture it is time to start planning for next years wheat crop.  To begin planning it is necessary to evaluate how the wheat crop has done throughout the growing season. Has one variety out performed another? Did one variety work better on […]