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Even Adults Need To Dig In The Dirt

Wheat harvest is over, and the fall crops are fighting to make it from one rain shower to the next, this is time that many farmers can take a breath for 15 minutes and think what’s next.  This time between crops, while small, is a great opportunity to take stock and evaluate plans for the next year.  Can that field handle one more wheat crop or should I rotate?  Is cover crop right for me what advantages could I gain?  Is my soil healthy?  Are there ways to gain extra bushels?  There is an easy way to find out the answer to these questions and that is to get soil samples.

Much like a mechanic runs diagnostics on an engine, soil samples tell us a lot of information about the health of your soil.  Soil samples allow us to find out the key levels of nutrients, and the potential your soil holds.  They can also give us vital information on the nutrients your soil is lacking.  Soil samples are the launching point for all your crop planning.  Once you have the results back your agronomist can help you to make plans for fertilizer and crops for the coming year.  By planning early you can be in a position to take advantage of special discounts and offers as they are announced.  If you want to grow corn next year or really any crop, you are going to need certain nutrient levels in your soil for maximum performance.

We offer a variety of ways to improve your soil health. Each field is different and requires different things, so give us a call or stop by so we can help you achieve the maximum potential from your soil.


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