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The Corner Post


When you begin to build a house, the first thing you make sure of is that you start with a strong foundation. The first stone you lay in that foundation is the cornerstone. It is the beginning point of the task at hand and must be level and square, because all of the other stones are placed according to its stability and location. Growing any crop in agriculture is no different than building a house. The cornerstone of growing crops starts with a good soil sample. All of your nutrient requirements, planting populations and major decisions are based around this test. If you’re not soil sampling, then you might as well be throwing darts at a dart board to make these decisions. Guessing or just simply doing what your father or grandfather did for fertility can lead to wasted input dollars. With grain prices the way they are these days, don’t waist time guessing! B.Z. Bee has found that, in some instances, you may not have to apply as much N-P-K as you had once thought or you may not need to apply any at all to achieve the yield goals that you are seeking. The only way to know is to sample each field independently (and correctly) to find out these requirements. We partner with Midwest Laboratories, Inc. of Omaha, Nebraska for the test service. They provide comprehensive testing on soil, tissue and feed samples. What you will receive along with the detailed soil information is the exact nutrient level of each sample, as well as nutrient recommendations for each crop you intend to plant and at your chosen yield goal. This test is totally customizable to your particular field in that particular location. You will know the exact measurement of every vital nutrient in your soil.


Below is what each sample will tell you:

· Organic Matter %

· Phosphorus ppm (Both Strong Bray and Weak Bray readings)

· Potassium ppm

· Magnesium ppm

· Calcium ppm

· Sodium ppm

· pH (actual pH and the buffer index)

· CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity)

· Nitrogen ppm and lbs./acre

· Sulfur ppm

· Zinc ppm

· Manganese ppm

· Iron ppm

· Copper ppm

· Boron ppm

· Soluble Salts mmhos/cm


Each measurement will carry a rating from either VH (Very High) to VL (Very Low). You will also receive, upon request, a recommendations page with the pounds per acre of each nutrient that is needed to achieve your yield goal for that particular crop. Contact B.Z. Bee today to schedule your soil samples.



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