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To Make The Best Better

4-H a youth organization whose motto is To Make The Best Better, this week is our county fair, a time when strapping young men and fresh faced young ladies show up at the local fair grounds bright eyed and bushy tailed to show off their years long work and learning. This is an occurrence that will be happening all over the country this summer and into the fall.


Young men and women will bring their wood working and rocketry projects, and baking and sewing projects, and explain to the judges the intricacies of their project and all they have learned.  They will haul in their livestock carefully tended for the past year that they hope will be named grand champion and bring a much hoped for premium at the auction.



They will face the cold hard reality of the (cue ominous music) livestock auction where they will have to offer up their animals which they have so lovingly cared for the past year and hand them off to the packing plant.  It is a life lesson that must be learned and one that every child dreads.  Mothers and Fathers will console crying kids as the barn is cleared and the shavings swept away.


As the days and weeks progress the kids will remember the fun times had with kids from neighboring towns who are competitors and rivals at sports, but during the fair they are friends and companions.  They will retreat home to empty lots and big plans for next year.  The dreaded record books will be completed with much grumbling and discontent.  Mom will try to tame the mountain of laundry and dad will finally be able to relax.  So, if you have a few spare minutes or are looking for good clean family entertainment head out to your local county fair.

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